Nuclear Physics Research-Technology coaction 2

The workshops “Nuclear Physics Research-Technology coaction 2” and brokerage meetings “Nuclear Physics Innovation” were organised in Sevilla, Spain on November 6-8, 2019 by the Heavy Ion Laboratory of the University of Warsaw (HIL) and Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA) as part of the Nuclear activity Physics Innovation ENSAR2 (NuPIA-ENSAR2). During the workshop brokerage meetings were organized by the DELab UW Enterprise Europe Network and Agencia Andaluza del Conocimiento Junta de Andalucia.

The event was addressed to scientists, technologists, laboratories and companies dealing with nuclear physics and related technologies.

During the workshop there were presented the latest achievements of technologies such as: accelerators, particle detectors, vacuum systems, electronics, data processing, isotope production, irradiation, PET imaging, dosimetry, environmental radioactivity, radiation therapy, proton therapy.

The main goal of the workshop was to intensify the process of technology transfer, research and development cooperation as well as scientific and innovative activities:

  • presentation of the latest scientific achievements in the field of nuclear technologies that can be implemented in industry;
  • demonstrate industry achievements in the field of new devices and tools that can be used in nuclear research;
  • identifying the needs for key nuclear technologies for innovative products, processes and services;
  • organising broker meetings to facilitate networking, cooperation and exchange of ideas between research laboratories and companies in the field of nuclear physics;
  • discuss the existing sustainability gap and priorities to optimise research and technology efforts;
  • discussions were held about challenges and opportunities in new areas of science and industry, and activities to intensify cooperation between laboratories and industry in the area of ​​developing European innovative products, processes and services based on nuclear technologies.

During the workshop, 25 presentations were presented. They are focused on aspects of cooperation between science and industry. Presentations of research institutions were concentrated on capabilities of available infrastructure and services offered to industry, scientific presentations on new discoveries that may lead to or require new industrial products. Companies presented new products that may be useful in a current research and  demonstrated examples of successful cooperation between research institutions and industry.

Full agenda of the workshop is available on the NUPIA webpage.

During the workshop, 31 bilateral meetings (brokerage meetings) were organized between researchers and companies in which 23 participants took part. The purpose of bilateral meetings was to establish initial contacts that may or may not lead to further research cooperation and to intensify the transfer of innovative technologies.

Representatives of the following workshops and brokerage meetings:

  • Laboratories, research centres: ENRESA, CEA, CSIC, CNA, FLNR JINR, GANIL, HIL UW, IFC, IPNE, LNL, UCM, UM, USC.
  • Industry: ANTEC Magnets, AVS, DVC, ELI Beamlines, ELYTT ENERGY, INEUSTAR, Nucleopolis, SUPRASYS, TTI NORTE.