Calls for proposals: SONATA 13, SONATA BIS 7, MAESTRO 9 and HARMONIA 9

On 14th June, the National Science Centre announced its new calls: SONATA 13, SONATA BIS 7, MAESTRO 9 and HARMONIA 9.

SONATA is funding scheme, welcoming applications from holders of a doctorate degree awarded within 2 to 7 years of applying. The call’s objective is to support innovative research using state-of-the-art equipment and original methodologies.

SONATA BIS is a call announced to establish new research teams by researchers who have been awarded a doctorate within 5 to 12 years before the year of grant application.

MAESTRO is the most prestigious of NCN’s calls, seeking participation from advanced researchers willing to carry out ground-breaking projects, surpassing the current boundaries of knowledge.

HARMONIA is a call for research projects carried out as international collaboration, non-co-financed from international resources. Apart from projects carried out in direct collaboration with a partner from abroad, the funding may be also given to research conducted under international programmes for bi- or multilateral collaboration, and also to Polish research teams using large-scale international research infrastructure.