Suspension of experiments at HIL

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic a transnational mobility was suspended. Additionally on the 7th of April, 2020 the UW rector issued the new orders on studying and working arrangements at the University of Warsaw. Measures brought in by UW aim to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among the UW community.

Taking into consideration the current situation in the country, Prof. Marcin Pałys, the rector of our university, has decided to introduce the following changes to his previous orders and, particularly:

  • Extend through 30th June the period of suspension of accommodating new students or visitors in dormitories, hostels, guest rooms, and other facilities belonging to the university, and prohibition from visiting these places.
  • Extend through 31st August the period of cancellation of open events such as conferences, symposiums, lectures, including courses of the Open University of the University of Warsaw, artistic performance sand other meetings of this type organised by the University of Warsaw as well as events organised by external entities at the premises of the University of Warsaw.

It means, that we have to postponed the experimental programme until next autumn.
The new beam time schedule will be negotiated from September this year.

The Ulam grant for Dr. Hasan Maridi

The project Theoretical models for reactions with stable and exotic light nuclei by Hasan Maridi was granted under Ulam Programme of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange. Dr. Maridi will work at the Heavy Ion Laboratory with Prof. Krzysztof Rusek for the next two years.