HIL Annual Report — LaTeX guidelines

All files were updated on 06.02.2019.

The text of the article should be prepared following this template: contribution.tex

A test LaTeX compilation is recommended to check the contribution.  For that the following files will also  be needed:

We also prepared an example illustration: file_name.pdf.

All the above mentioned files can be downloaded as one zip file template.zip.

To compile your contribution execute:

pdflatex raport

Note that we are using pdflatex, not the latex command. Pdflatex does not accept PostScript figures. The following graphical formats are allowed: .pdf, .jpg, .png.

For author affiliations, please check abbreviations defined in institutions.tex, and use one, if a suitable one exists. Similarly for names of journals, please use abbreviations defined in journals.tex.

If you change the name of the file with the text of the contribution (originally contrib.tex), the raport.tex file should be correspondingly modified.Please do not make any other changes in raport.tex.