Monthly Archives: July 2020

The first experiment after the COVID-19 lockdown.

On July 10 and 13, 2020, samples were irradiated with an internal alpha beam. It was the first part of the HIL091 project "Cross-section measurements of 117mSn and its contaminants produced by alpha particles on natural Cadmium and natural Indium targets", proposed by an Italian-Polish team led by Gaja Pupillo (LNL) and Lucia De Dominicis (HIL). The experiment is a part of the WP15-TecHIBA task within the ENSAR2 European programme and is the first use of the U-200P cyclotron beam for scientific research after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Lucia De Dominicis and Agnieszka Trzcińska perform a spectrometric analysis of irradiated samples. ...
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Prof. Adam Strzałkowski passed away

With a great regret, we pay our last respect to prof. Adam Strzałkowski. We remember him as an outstanding nuclear physicist, professor at the Jagiellonian University, a scientist of great authority and teacher of many generations of Krakow nuclear physicists. A few years ago, the professor spoke beautifully about himself:
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Polish Physical Society lecture

We invite to the lecture organised on-line by Polish Physical Society  on the 23rd of July, 2020 at 16.00. prof.  Tadeusz Lesiak from Instytut Fizyki Jądrowej im. Henryka Niewodniczańskiego Polskiej Akademii Nauk will present: Nieracjonalna użyteczność fizyki dla społeczeństwa. Deatails on the webpage of PPS:...
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