Monthly Archives: December 2019

Scholarship of the Ministry for Dr. Aleksandra Sentkowska

Minister of Science and Higher Education scholarships are awarded to outstanding young researchers who conduct high-quality research and have impressive scientific achievements on an international scale. One of the laureates is Dr. Aleksandra Sentkowska from HIL. More information on scholarships of the Minister of Science and Higher Education can the Ministry web page (in Polish)...
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PAC Meeting – HIL

The HIL PAC Meeting will take place on 16th of December, 2019 at 10:00 in the Heavy Ion Laboratory. The agenda of the PAC Meeting is available here....
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Krzysztof Kilian, D.Sc.

Our friend Krzysztof Kilian obtained the Doctor of Science degree on September 24, 2019, given by Department of Chemistry University of Warsaw. The title of his dissertation was: "Static and flow methods of isolation and preconcentration of metal ions on solid sorbents - analytical and radiochemical applications ". The work was based on results obtained at HIL UW . Congratulations to Krzysztof Kilian!...
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